Letter shaped flower box (M or W)

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Choice of the type of fresh or eternal flowers, their color and the color of the rectangular packaging box is possible.

Order method: add as many letters M or W to the shopping cart as there are in your word.

Approximate dimensions of the boxes: 30cm wide x 30cm high.

Important 1: this product page concerns all flower boxes in the shape of letters M or W, all other letters have fewer roses. For all other letters please go to this age by clicking here.

Important 2: Rectangular packing boxes are not suitable for letters M, W, Q and V. Do not choose this option if your word contains one of these letters.

Important 3: A mix of colors is also possible, from standard or metallic colors. If you wish to benefit from this formula, we advise you to call us or send us a request for a quote from this page by clicking here.

You can indicate the chosen letters and the word to be composed in the comment fields available on the order page.

Price from 250,00


Online purchasing system under development, please request a quote by going to this page.

In case of urgent need, please contact us by phone from the contact.

To order it today, you can also contact us by email at grimaldi@narminosorasio.com or by phone at +377 93 30 25 49.

Non-contractual photo.

Box color


Flowers color

Red, Rose, White

Rectangular packaging box

None possible

Type of roses

Fresh, Eternal

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