Candle Trudon Reggio


Point of Citrus from Calabria. Landed from Indochina in 1828, the mandarin tree has since flourished on the western coasts of the Mediterranean basin. In Calabria, facing the Strait of Messina, he draws, without bitterness, fragrant landscapes. Sweet, mandarin refers to ancient uses where essential oils made up a refined olfactory alphabet.

Features :

Weight 270g

Burning time 55 – 60h


Maintain your candle

Never let the candle burn unattended for more than 2 hours in a row.

Always let the candle burn until the entire surface is liquid and wait until it is solid to relight it.

If black smoke appears, cut the wick. It must imperatively remain clean and its length must never exceed 6mm. Do not hesitate to recenter it after burning.

Always protect the surface on which the candle is placed.

Never let the candle burn until the wax has run out.

The photo composed with a background of plants and wicker is a presentation suggestion, the accessories are not supplied with this product.

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