Happy New Year to everyone! As we welcome 2024 with excitement, it’s time to refresh our interior decor with touches of nature and freshness. At Narmino, a renowned florist in Monaco, we are delighted to introduce our brand new seasonal bouquet: “Indian Winter.” This unique bouquet is a celebration of natural beauty and the diversity of winter flowers, harmoniously blending the delicacy of seasonal blooms with the robustness of succulents.

“Indian Winter” is a tribute to the varied colors and textures of the season. This bouquet is carefully composed of flowers chosen for their resilience and beauty in winter, bringing a splash of color and life even during the coldest months. The succulents, with their intriguing shapes and easy care, add a modern and stylish dimension to the ensemble. Each element of the bouquet is selected for its quality and freshness, ensuring long-lasting beauty and durability.

To offer or treat yourself to Narmino‘s “Indian Winter” bouquet is to choose a piece of nature that will bring warmth and elegance to your interior. It also means supporting local craftsmanship and a passion for floristry. We invite you to discover this exclusive creation at our store in Monaco or on our website. May this bouquet be a symbol of renewal and hope for this new year. Happy 2024, filled with health, happiness, and natural beauty!

L'Hiver indien, notre bouquet de saison hivernal

L’Hiver indien, notre bouquet de saison hivernal